What To Wear


Put on those dancing shoes and dance, dance, dance….

So you have decided to take up dancing, the first steps are always the hardest but here is a handy guide to how to be as comfortable as you possibly can during the Charleston classes. The right foot wear can really help with your confidence in grasping the steps in classes.


  • Trainers
  • Many people assume trainers are the most logical shoe, however Charleston dancing is all about the ankle and the swivel. You need to be able to twist your feet, trainers unfortunately do not allow that as they grip the floor. So despite their comfort level, they can really hinder your movement during classes.

  • Ballet pumps/Stiletto’s
  • You may see on Strictly the ladies dance in a nice big heel, however there are specific shoes for that (see below). I would not recommend dancing in a heel as one; the height and two; they are not secure on your foot. The same goes for a slip on shoe, like a ballet pump although flat, you will worry most of the time about your show staying on, unless it has a strap to secure it. Best to avoid.


    First things first, you do not have to go out and buy an expensive dance shoe. The key thing is it needs to have a plain slippy sole (no grip) and will stay on your foot. Here are some suggestions;

  • Jazz/Character shoe
  • Fashion ankle boot
  • A soft ankle boot with no heel, can be purchased from most high street retailers and supermarkets from as little as £6, they tend to have a nice sole to dance in and your foot is secure within it.

  • Brogues/Vintage shoe
  • Again most of these are popular and can be found in most retailers on the high street. A lace up shoe is always best and they can be very comfortable and again it is all about the sole.

    The main rule of thumb, is to be comfortable and be able to swivel on the ball of your foot and the heel, a flat sole with no grip is always best.