Class Levels Explained




6 week course : 1 hr class

At beginner level you will get to grips with the basic Charleston step known as the ‘Jay Bird’. This involves stepping out a distinct step pattern whilst swiveling your feet and swinging your arms at the same time! ‘Swiveling’ means turning your toes in and out and is what Craig Revel Horwood is always chiming on about on Strictly Come Dancing! You will also learn a variety of solo moves: The Scarecrow, Shoe-Shine, Crazy Knees and Windmill  – to name a few.

To maximise your enjoyment of the class and build muscle memory, you will practice pieces of choreography that combine a series of uplifting steps - all to an accompaniment of warming 1920's music and upbeat electro swing. 

On week 6 we encourage you to celebrate your progress by coming to class in a Vintage inspired outfit!

We offer 2 beginner level courses which run back to back. Each course is focused on helping you master the basic Charleston step, whilst the content varies slightly to keep things interesting!



6 week block: 1 hr class

As you progress to beginners+ level you will be introduced to exciting arm and feet variations on your basic Charleston step.

You will continue to build a vocabulary of classic Charleston moves such as the Hitchhiker, Squat Charleston, Jump Charleston and the Crawl.

You will also be introduced to some 'Vintage Jazz' moves, as well as basic partner sequences.

The beginners+ classes run in 6-week blocks.

We offer 2 distinct beginners+ blocks, each with different content, and encourage everybody to complete both blocks before moving up to the intermediate class



6 week block: 1 hr class

When you reach intermediate level it is clear that you have well and truly fallen in love with Charleston dancing!

At this level you can swivel your Charleston with precision and will have added new friends to your repertoire. You will develop your Charleston repetoire by learning more complex Charleston combinations as well as further Vintage Jazz vocabulary.

At intermediate level we work on performance choreography that involves both solo and partner work and formation changes.

Vintage Twist Dance Troupe

As your confidence and dance skills blossom you may begin to feel the urge to show off your talent to the public!

At Intermediate level you are more than welcome to join our Vintage Twist Dance troop and perform routines at local events and Charity Functions. You get to dress up, impress and entertain an audience as well as have a right good giggle at the same time!